Crowdfunding "Vital," an sf anthology about the future of health care

"Vital: The Future of Healthcare" is a crowdfunded anthology of short science fiction stories about the future of health care, with contributions from top writers like James Patrick Kelly, Seanan McGuire, Annalee Newitz, Paolo Bacigalupi and Caroline M. Yoachim (they're also open to submissions!).

They're seeking at least $8,300 to pay writers and editors, and print and distribute the book. Their stretch goals include audiobooks, a marketing budget, etc. Profits from the book's sale will be donated to a fund to erect quake-resistant towers for the Loma Linda University Health in Southern California.

The project was created by Ralph M. Ambrose, a writer, editor and narrator, who works as Director of Web Services at Loma Linda University Health.

$12 gets you an ebook, $30 gets you a paperback.

Vital: The Future of Healthcare is an anthology of short stories. Vital has already gathered stories from leading futurist writers, weaving together disparate visions of what comes next in health and health science.

Our visions of the future — whether dark or hopeful, thrilling or mundane — have always challenged us to examine our world. How can we improve? What challenges will we face? Are we even ready? Vital: The Future of Healthcare aims to explore these questions as they relate to humanity's physical and mental well-being.

Vital: The Future of Healthcare