Vice suggests Millennial video game enthusiasts suck it up and admit they are old

What is all the hubbub, bub? Gen X is doing just fine playing video games while it appears some Millennials are unable to keep up with the kids.


Those who grew up playing games online know just how easy it is to blame poor performance on factors outside of your control. That person who's just absolutely wrecking you? They're obviously hacking. And now, as Millennials grow older they have yet another convenient excuse at their disposal: I'm just getting too old for this shit.

But it's the more likely scenario that's the hardest to accept: It's not that you're getting worse at video games, it's that everyone got a lot better. As a younger, bigger, and more-skilled generation has finally emerged to take your spot among the leaderboards, you cannot "git gud." In our slow march towards oblivion, we must choose: get owned, or go play something else.

I have been playing games for so long that I must 'invert-look' on all games or I am unable to control them. Perhaps this learned up-down response from the days of the Atari 2600 is what keeps my play 'trash.'

A video game is about having fun. If you have fun playing the video game you are doing it right.