Fiona Hill, 11: 'She put the fire out with her hands, and finished the test.'

Pretty amazing pull quote from this New York Times profile of Dr. Fiona Hill, former top US diplomat in Ukraine, who testified today in the impeachment hearings against Donald Trump.


Dr. Hill, 54, had an unusual path to academia. The daughter of a coal miner and a midwife, she had a hardscrabble childhood in northeast England — a childhood that bred toughness, her friends say.

Once, when she was 11, a boy in her class set one of her pigtails on fire while she was taking a test. She put the fire out with her hands, and finished the test.

And she confirmed it today, live in the hearings!

And it resulted in a BOWL HAIRCUT which still traumatizes her!


Fiona Hill Viewed Serving Trump as Risky. Now She's an Impeachment Witness. [, image: CSPAN]

And, watch the hearings live on CSPAN, where you can also listen to the very sincere random people calling in between testimony live time to share their very random opinions.

November 21, 2019
Impeachment Hearing with Fiona Hill and David Holmes

The House Intelligence Committee held its seventh open hearing of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Lawmakers heard testimony from Fiona Hill, a former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia, and David Holmes, an aide to the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine. This is the first portion of the hearing, before the committee recessed for votes on the House floor.