Lawmaker admits not independently researching lobbyist's claim that ectopic fetuses could be reimplanted in the uterus, blames medical journals

Ohio lawmakers introduced legislation that would see women and doctors charged with murder if they did not re-implant fetuses from ectopic pregnancies in women's uteruses, a procedure that does not exist and is impossible.

Now we're getting some insight into how legislators came to introduce this bizarre bill: according to State Rep John Becker [R-Gilead/@beckergop)], the relevant passages were written by Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio lobbyist Barry Sheets, who advised Becker that he could ignore scientists who pointed out that the only evidence that the procedure could be performed were two "case reports," one published in 1917, the other in 1980.

Becker now says that if anyone is at fault, it's the medical journals, for failing to retract these two isolated reports. He told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "But these are documented. They should get the medical journals corrected if this is wrong."

To the geneticist's concerns that Becker was promoting a rarely used procedure without knowing the possible side effects, Sheets responded, to a forwarded email, "That's a good one."

"The 'side-effects' are that the embryo was carried to full-term and a baby was given birth to, according to the 'case reports,'" Sheets wrote. "What are the 'side-effects' on the current treatment for ectopic pregnancies on the embryo? Oh, that's right — death."

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(Image: Ohio House of Reps; Hulu; modified)