Silence your snoring with this incredibly simple device

If you snore, you know it can be infuriating for your partner. But did you know it can also be unhealthy for you? Yep, those sawing logs that you can't even hear can be a warning buzzer, increasing your risk for stroke.

There are cures for snoring that involve everything from nose strips to full-on oxygen masks, but sometimes the simplest solution is best. Smart Nora caught the attention of tastemakers like Oprah and Good Morning America for exactly that reason.

It's a small device that stops snoring without ever waking you up – or even touching your face. It consists of an egg-shaped, sound-detecting monitor and an inflatable pad that you place underneath whatever pillow you normally use.

When the Smart Nora detects the first sounds of a snoring fit, it adjusts the size of the pad, gently raising or lowering your head. Just that small amount of movement can stimulate your throat muscles enough to open those narrowed air passageways. It's subtle enough that you won't even notice it, but your partner will – in the best way.

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