Bulletproof children's hoodie comes in small

Great news for parents sending their kids to American schools: a company called Wonderhoodie sells a bulletproof hoodie for children.

Our patented, NIJ-IIIA panels discreetly protects the back and sides of the head. Pull it up when you need it, put it down when you don't
3-inches of bulletproof overlap secured by velcro down the middle allows safe zipped or unzipped wear.
Full military-style torso protection, no Tetris-panels to 'insert' like low-end competitors

It's $450 and the logo is optional. Get this: "If you get shot (God forbid) with our hoodies on, we'll send you a replacement hoodie FREE of charge. Just include the police report or news clip"

Good to know that if my child gets shot up in school massacre, I can get a replacement hoodie if I send these ghouls the footage.