Radicalized makes the CBC's annual Canada Reads longlist

The Canadian Broadcasting Coporation's annual Canada Reads prize is one of Canada's top literary prizes, ranking with the Governor General's prize for prestige and reach; it begins early in January with the announcement of a longlist of 15 recommended books, and then these are whittled down to a shortlist of five books later in the month. Over the months that follow, each of the shortlisted books is championed by a Canadian celebrity in a series of events across the country, with the grand prize winner being announced in late March after a televised debate among the five books' "champions."

The CBC has just announced its longlist, and I'm delighted to announce that Radicalized, my 2019 book of four novellas, is among them.

The entire list is incredibly impressive — really humbling company to be in! — and the five finalists will be announced on Jan 22.

I discussed Radicalized on the CBC radio programme Day 6 last year, and the CBC reviewed the book in glowing terms, later naming it one of their summer reads and best books of the year.

I'm sincerely honoured to be included.

Radicalized is a collection of four novellas that explore the quandaries — social, economic and technological — of contemporary America. Cory Doctorow's characters deal with issues around immigration, corrupt police forces, dark web uprisings and more.

Here is the Canada Reads 2020 longlist [CBC Books]