Audio history of Outsider Art

"In the Realms of the Unreal [Henry Darger], 1998" by Joe Coleman

"Outsider art" is generally defined as work created by untrained, self-taught, or "naïve" artists who aren't connected to or influenced by the traditional art world. Like most art labels, it's murky. But if anyone can help follow its historical threads, that person would be gallerist Andrew Edlin, owner of the influential Outsider Art Fair happening right now in New York City. In the below new episode of Juxtapoz Radio, Edlin looks at the history and present of the genre and its place in the art establishment:

From Juxtapoz:

From Jean Dubuffet coining the term Art Brut in the 1940s to Roger Cardinal in the 1970s bringing the term "Outsider Art" to prominence, there has been an enduring if not increasingly complicated relationship between the genre and the institutional art world. Can Outsider Art remain, well, Outsider, when shown in museums and placed into the history books?