Mysterious swimming pool found in abandoned Baltimore townhouse

Inner Harbor Homes highlights a foreclosed home in Baltimore with an unusual feature for an urban townhouse: a deep indoor swimming pool.

The home is hardly large enough to contain a hot tub, yet now accomodates a 15-ft pool on the ground floor. As this video makes clear, the interior is extensively modified around the pool: the kitchen is gone to make way for the pool itself and the floors above opened to create a multi-storey open space. There is a diving (?) platform up there. There's a disquieting quality to the place. It maybe now exists only to serve the desires of the pool, which I propose we file under Euclid.

Someone spent a lot of money on this place, and whatever they were doing didn't work out. The house, modernized but weird and blatantly dangerous, is on offer for $139k.

The MLS listing is a masterpiece of brevity: "Town house close to Inner Harbor attractions and dining. Pool/ Jacuzzi in house."

Fells Point looks like a run-down but fun neighborhood, all beautiful old brick houses, rowdy pubs and no parking. Seems from the real estate sites that the house in proper condition would fetch around $200k–and maybe double that if it still had, well, floors and rooms.

UPDATE: A local journalist, Hallie Miller, found the previous owner. They don't want to talk about it.

Dimitris M. Spiliadis … is the manager and a co-owner of the neighborhood's Black Olive restaurant, which has been owned and operated by his family for over two decades. Reached by phone Thursday, Spiliadis declined to comment. He's credited with elevating the restaurant's wine list with sustainable, organic and biodynamic offerings from around the world.

Online court records show that the house went into foreclosure starting in 2018 and entered an ultimately unsuccessful mediation process.