There's a new news aggregator called "Knewz" and I can't believe they actually called it that

Knewz has a stark spot-color design (I've decided to call it Drudge Custard, but I like it!) and a completely nauseating name. It's a pure aggregator, too — just links to other people's sites — even though it's from the News Corp stable.

"Knewz is unique in that readers can, at a single glance, see multiple sources. It is not egregious aggregation but generous aggregation. There are mastheads from across the political and regional spectrum, and premium publishers will not be relegated in the rankings," said Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp. works by combining cutting edge, proprietary artificial intelligence with experienced editors. The technology constantly scans hundreds of real news sources, and editors curate a selection of headlines that provide a broad perspective on stories of the day.

Aggregation is a fundamentally good thing. I hope it does well and helps revive the web as a good place to go to find out what's in the kn… sorry, the news.