Postal worker rented storage unit to hide mail he felt "pressured" to deliver

Former United States postal worker Jason Delacruz admitted he rented a public storage unit for $49 per month to store mail he couldn't deliver, reports CNN. He pleaded guilty to delay of mail by a postal employee and will be sentenced in February.

From CNN:

Agents from the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General found almost 5,000 pieces of mail in the storage unit in Virginia Beach.

They discovered 97 pieces of first-class mail, which included letters from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the IRS, insurance companies, bank statements and other tax return documents.

Magazines and other publications made up 115 pieces of mail. There was also one undelivered package found in the unit. The bulk of the mail was advertisements, more than 4,700 ads at that.

Photo by sue hughes on Unsplash