Here's a working paperclip computer from the 1967 book, "How to Build a Working Digital Computer"

I've linked to Michael Gardi's retrocomputing replicas and recreations quite a few times. Here's a list:

Michael just finished a new project! He wrote to me and said:

Well it's a new year and I have a new project to share, something a little different. Rather than a straight replica, this time I have created a version of the computer described in the book How to Build a Working Digital Computer, by Edward Alcosser, James P. Phillips, and Allen M. Wolk, and published in 1967. In it they show how to construct such a computer using "simple inexpensive components usually found around the house or in a neighborhood electrical parts store." A very cool book.

Now completed, my version is one of only a few known implementations. I tried to limit myself to technologies that would have been available in the late '60s, but used modern fabrication techniques like 3D printing and cheap PCB manufacturing to build it.

Details are posted on Hackaday