I had dinner at LA's OG Cannabis Cafe

I had family in town and thought we ought to try Los Angeles marijuana-friendly restaurant. A good time was had by all!

The OG Cannabis Cafe is LA's new spot where you can eat lunch while smoking out or vaping. When my sister and brother-in-law told me they were coming to town for a visit, I booked a reservation.

We took an entertaining ride-share to the restaurant, located on La Brea in West Hollywood. The driver almost missed the place as it resides inside a well-walled garden. We were greeted in the parking lot by two guys who checked ID to confirm we were over the age of 21 and then allowed in. It was a good thing we had reservations as the Saturday afternoon wait for a table without one was over an hour. We were seated almost immediately, however, in their lovely patio. There is also an indoor seating area, but it was a beautiful day and outside seemed much nicer.

Every seat was filled and folks were smoking joints or vaping up a storm. We were not, however, overwhelmed by the smell of weed as the patio uses a pretty effective air filtration system — even outdoors. The tables around the perimeter are covered by fairly cyberpunk looking hoods that do a great job of capturing the secondhand smoke and removing it. We were never bothered.

Upon being seated the process for ordering both food and weed was explained. Both are ordered at the table. You pay for marijuana as you go and they will take cash or run your card before delivering it to the table. Joints are effective but slightly-to-wildly overpriced. You are paying for the experience of smoking out in a restaurant. Our first joint was a $15 1.2gram sativa that had our party of three pretty baked.

Shortly after delivering our first joint the server took our food order. The menu is filled with intelligently focused stoner delights that are priced for LA. The $20 hamburgers were excellent, the $20 taco fries were an amazing hit. The fried chicken sandwich was lackluster. Everything seemed to come with fries. Between 3 people we must have had 4lbs of fries delivered to the table. Folks at the table next to us had a salad that looked great and nachos.

Marijuana helps with the fries.

There were pretty decent looking deals on vaping cartridges and batteries, but I am not big on the vape stuff and simply prefer to smoke joints. The cafe will also sell you flower and rents pipes or bongs. They describe their cleaning process and it sounds like they do a lot to sterilise the glassware after each use, however, we were not tempted.

The place was packed with people having a good time. Every seat was full. Everyone was having a good time. I will certainly take out of town guests there again.

The OG Cannabis Cafe is located at 1201 North La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, CA.