Woman busted for allegedly running "the QVC of stolen clothes"

Accused professional shoplifter Twanna Trotter, 29, of East St. Louis, Illinois, was allegedly running an online clothing store out of her basement that was stocked with $20,000 in stolen merchandise. On Friday, she was sentenced to four years in the slammer for retail thefts along the Missouri-Illinois border. According to police still investigating the extent of her operation, Trotter used Facebook Live videos to market her hot commodities.

"I describe it as the QVC of stolen clothes. I mean, she had things set up and things she was planning on selling that day," (said Chesterfield Police Department Sgt. Keith Rider.)

From WHNT:

Rider said his detectives would actually watch Trotter's Facebook Live sessions to see what she was selling.

"The products that they observed she was selling we were able to track back to … retail areas in Chesterfield as well as throughout St. Louis County, and also as far as Osage Beach," he said.

Rider said Trotter has a history of arrests in Chesterfield for retail thefts. Rider referred to her as a "professional shoplifter" who treated the crimes as a business.

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image: @ChesterfieldPD/Twitter