Mitsubishi's new fake skylights use color changing LEDs and cost $7000

And you thought that the Reveal fake sunlight-through-trees projector that I posted about last month was spendy at $320! Mitsubishi's new LED faux skylights will sell for $6000-$7000 depending on the model. The LEDs change color to simulate "morning glow and sunset." From Mitsubishi Electric, translated via Chrome:

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation uses a unique structure that combines a panel that imitates an open and deep blue sky with a frame that expresses the natural feeling of sunlight, creating a deep blue sky and natural light in indoor spaces…

• A panel that mimics the blue sky using a light scatterer that generates
Rayleigh scattering*, expressing an open and deep blue sky

• Simulates natural sunlight by illuminating the three sides of the frame and making the remaining side look like a shadow

• Natural light from the frame ensures the same brightness as general lighting equipment

* A phenomenon that occurs when molecules enter the atmosphere when sunlight enters the atmosphere. The daytime sky looks blue because blue light with a short wavelength is more strongly scattered than red light with a long wavelength