This website uses machine learning and your webcam to train you not to touch your face

By not touching your face, you reduce the chances of getting sick from a virus or bacteria. This website, called Do Not Touch Your Face, uses your webcam to analyze your face and alert you with a tone if it catches you touching your face.

From the FAQ

How does this work?

Using your webcam, you train a machine learning algorithm (specifically Tensorflow.js) to recognize you touching your face and not touching your face. Once it's trained, it watches and alerts you when you touch your face.

Why shouldn't I touch my face?

The CDC recommends not touching your face as one action you can take to prevent getting COVID-19. Other things you should do: stay home if you're sick and avoid contact with other sick people. But you probably knew that already.

The alerts aren't working!

Try refreshing the page and trying again. Every time you reload the page, the algorithm retrains itself.

Do you keep my information?

Nope. This entire site runs locally—all the calculations from your webcam and alerts are done on your computer and are never sent over the internet.

Will this stop me from getting COVID-19?

Not for sure, but it might help.

Who made this?

This was made with love and fear by Mike BodgeBrian Moore, and Isaac Blankensmith. Be safe out there.