Texas mayor broke own lockdown rules to visit nail salon

Becky Ames, mayor of Beaumont, Texas, was spotted last Tuesday visiting The Nail Bar, a salon that should not be open because of lockdown rules imposed by Beaumont, Texas, mayor Becky Ames.

"A photo appearing to show Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames getting a manicure was shared on Instagram this week," reports 12 News's Scott Eslinger.

Mayor Ames told 12News earlier this week she did go to the nail salon after talking to the owner about how to remove an old manicure set. She needed acetone, and the salon owner said she would leave some out for her.

Instead, the owner had the solution set up in a bowl inside. The mayor says she was in and out in 10 minutes, and the owner was the only person in the salon. The back door was open and the salon was dark.

Ames "sent photos to 12News, reiterating that she did not have her nails done." The photos are of Ames' visibly peeling and calloused nails and need not be reproduced here. In the meantime, an apology:

My heartfelt apology to all of the citizens of Beaumont for my lapse in judgement on Tuesday, April 21st.

I promise that there was no malice intended. I should never have entered the salon last Tuesday.

I did not intend to take personal privilege while asking others to sacrifice and for that I am truly remorseful.

As an elected official I am held to a higher standard, I regret my action that day. I am honestly sorry and I pray that you will forgive me.

In addition, I have asked the city attorney to place me on executive session this Tuesday so I can discuss this issue with my fellow councilmembers.

Just pay the fine, lady.