Mark Rober's Rube-Goldberg squirrel feeder is the unicorn chaser you need right now

Former Apple and NASA engineer turned YouTube sensation Mark Rober (previously) decided to spend his quarantine birdwatching until his neighbourhood squirrels defeated his supposedly squirrel-proof birdfeeders.

Realizing that squirrels are way, way smarter than one may think, he went ahead and set up a
Rube-Goldberg-and-Wipeout-inspired course that, if completed successfully, would provide a nutty nirvana to the furry contestants, while allowing the birds to feast unhindered, watching the mayhem unfold.

Rick, Marty, Frank and Gus – his four contestants, were indeed up to the challenge, and what follows is some of the best backyard games and feasting you're likely to see this weekend.

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