Trump to sign social media executive order, after lashing out at Twitter

Always an aggrieved victim, isn't he.

Donald Trump got super mad when Twitter added a little fact-checking note on a couple of his bogus 'voter fraud' disinformation tweets.

Next, Trump threatened tthreatened to shut down Twitter, one of the platforms he falsely accuses of stifling conservative voices.

Now, he is said to be planning to sign some kind of social media executive order to express his outrage.

From Reuters:

The officials, who spoke to reporters traveling with Trump to Washington from Florida aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, gave no further details.

Before leaving for Florida earlier in the day to observe a space launch that was postponed because of bad weather, Trump again accused Twitter Inc and other social media of bias without offering evidence.

It was unclear how Trump could follow through on the threat of shutting down social media companies.

(…) Separately, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington on Wednesday upheld the dismissal of a suit brought by a conservative group and right-wing YouTube personality against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple alleging they conspired to suppress conservative political views.

Read more at Reuters:

Trump to sign executive order on social media on Thursday: White House

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