1947 film about the future shows handheld TV users bumping into each other

La Télévision is a short film from 1947 that imagines what the world might be like if everyone had handheld wireless devices. It shows people using them in restaurants, on public transportation, and as they walk around in public places. At one point two men bump into each other because they are so immersed in the tiny screens.

Inspiré d'un essai de Barjavel, le documentaire propose l'évolution de la télévision en format de poche transportable, et la façon dont les humains interagiront avec l'objet.
Aujourd'hui, des parallèles sont tracés entre l'objet décrit dans le documentaire, et les smartphones.

Google Translation:

Inspired by an essay by Barjavel, the documentary proposes the evolution of television in transportable pocket format, and the way humans will interact with the object.
Today, parallels are drawn between the object described in the documentary, and smartphones.

Image: YouTube