Drive-In Raves bring back large-scale live music events

With the cancelation of live events for the foreseeable future, the rave community has been facing serious withdrawals. No hypnotizing light shows to get lost in, no desert playground to run around in, and no trading kandi with strangers.

In an attempt to comfort the EDM community, famous event organizer Insomniac, whose festivals include the Electric Daisy Carnival, has been hosting virtual raves.

But, it may have done little to soothe a raver's EDM heart.

Ravers aching to get back into the scene pulled up to Insomniac and Restless Beats' "Park 'N Rave" event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports in Chandler, Arizona on June 26 and 27.

In a way, this socially distanced version of raving seems more luxurious than it is traditionally. One guest described her experience on saying,

"Our personal dance floor was ample space for us to set up our viewing station. We were allowed to bring our own lawn chairs, blow up couches, air beds, and beer pong tables. As a grandma raver, being able to chill from time to time between sets without leaving my group or having to walk away from the stage was awesome. Guests were also encouraged to bring decorations, so many personalized their space with tapestries, flowers, Christmas lights, totems, and flags that made it feel like a camping festival. There was so much space for flow arts! I saw so many hoopers, levi wanders, glovers, and staffers doing their thing without being afraid to run into people!

Being able to bring our own food and alcohol was a real game changer! We saved SOO much money on drinks. And what's great is that if you needed any other food, it would be delivered to your car. We forgot ice, and they brought us a huge bag which saved us! They even delivered merch right to your spot. Without a doubt, the lineup was fantastic. The crew of Lick, Drezo, Wooli, and Seven Lions filled the void in my heart that missed live music."

The rave community is a notoriously friendly one. Many look forward to making new friends and dancing with strangers at these events. Unfortunately, until there is a vaccine ravers will be confined to their quarantine bubble.

Another drawback might be that it is not the massive production that ravers are used too. Typically, thousands stand shoulder to shoulder, crammed in between metal railings to look up at a sprawling screen of trippy visuals. At a Park' N Rave, the audience will not be able to get lost in the warm wave of bodies and lights.

So you won't be getting whipped by someone's pigtails as they headbang in front of you and you won't be pushed out of the way by rave trains fighting their way to the front of the stage. But, still, it seems that Park 'N Raves carry the same enchanting and electric energy that keeps ravers spellbound.

Image: YouTube