Dead body turns out to be a sex doll, cops discover

In Allenhurst, Georgia, a town of less than 700 people, a woman's body was spotted by the railroad tracks.

Liberty County deputies gathered at the scene and waited for the coroner, reports WSAV-TV, and after a while they realized the female corpse was actually a sex doll.

Detective Mike Albritton said officers found the sex doll Tuesday afternoon, WSAV-TV reported:

By policy, law enforcement officers do not touch a deceased person until the coroner arrives, so they placed a sheet over the suspected body and waited.

When the coroner arrived, detectives began to check for injuries and immediately discovered the body was a female sex doll. The doll was anatomically correct, with realistic skin and features, and was fully dressed, authorities say.

Albritton said in all his years, he has never encountered a situation like this.

Body found by railroad tracks in Liberty Co. turns out to be sex doll