This drive-through haunted house in Japan will "make your car bloody if you wish."

If you're anything like me, you're already worried about how we're going to do Halloween during the pandemic. Distantly dispersing trick-or-treat candy via t-shirt cannon? Kids dress as the cast of ER in surgical masks or wear 6 ft. inner tubes around their waists? Most of us are still figuring this out as we go, but there's one haunted house production company in Tokyo who is already well ahead of the game.

Kowagarasetai in Tokyo has created a drive-through haunt experience where, according to their website, "A large number of dead people attack your car. Can you beat the fear coming at you from all directions?". Visitors to the unique haunt drive in to a warehouse and honk three times to start the show. While ghouls and zombies attack the car, showering it with fake blood (by request), sound effects and the haunt's storyline ("This is a garage where a horrible incident occurred long ago…") plays through the car radio.

The website proudly proclaims that the staff will "disinfect your car" and wash off the fake blood after the performance, but then in slightly smaller print below ("blood cannot be completely wiped off").  Show your true devotion to Halloween by staining your car in fake blood forever!

In the U.S., there have been at least two "haunted car washes" (in Ohio and Texas, respectively) over the past few years. Here's hoping they ramp it up and create a drive-in experience as immersive as Kowagerasetai's and save the only holiday that matters.