Grotesque candle creature animated by Ben Treat

In this fun claymation by Ben Treat (who goes by "fanaticframes" on Instagram) a candle transforms into a devilish creature. The candle appears to be ordinary at first, but soon melts into a giant chomping mouth. The mouth exhales a little puff of black smoke, which I thought was the perfect touch. I love the creep, growling audio, too!

From Instagram:

"The Wicker, A grotesque and twisted being, its body composed of melted wax and gnarled wicks. Its elongated limbs resembled dripped candle wax, and its hollow eyes emitted an eerie, otherworldly glow. 

Many existing in the early to late 1800s these creatures are hard to come by nowadays…

Stylistically Inspired by the Master of claymation @guldies"