Cory Doctorow experiments with AI writing partner Sudowrite

GPT-3 is a machine-learning trained language model that generates text based on a text prompt. Cory Doctorow has been playing around with a closed-beta implementation of Sudowrite, which he describes as a "GPT3-based text generator for fiction writers. You give it characters, plot summaries, dialogue, or twist endings," and Sudowrite generates one of more paragraphs of text based on that. Here's an example of one of Cory's tests of the software:

Here's Cory's prompt:

"The following is a conversation between Masha and Marcus, who are arguing about whether programmer have a moral duty to ensure their code does not contribute to human rights abuses.

"Masha: It's so easy to say that you should only work for good if you are a bro who can waltz into a job.

"Marcus: Come on, who do you think is most likely to be on the receiving end of cyberwarfare? Hint: it's not wealthy white dudes who get hit with stalkerware or lawful interception code."

Here's how Sudowrite completed it:

Masha: Sure, the privileged are the first targets for the digital equivalent of fire and brimstone. But even you have to admit that there are plenty of people who get hurt by our code every day.

Marcus: What's your point? I don't see what's controversial about that.

Masha: I'm not saying that people shouldn't fix bugs. But who are we to determine what constitutes a fix? When a programmer writes code that is responsible for cyberwarfare, or perpetuates rape culture, she's also part of that process.

Masha: And when you're part of something that's broken, your choice is to fix it or you're part of the problem.

Marcus: I don't have to agree with what someone's personal agenda is, but I think most people can agree that you should help when you can.

Masha: I'm not talking about altruism.

Marcus: You sound like an actual commie now.

Masha: Lok, it's true that the general assumption is that all we should do is code and shut up. But what if there's a chance that that's a social pathology that we can correct?

Marcus: Wow

Cory's conclusion: "This is pretty impressive. So far, Sudowrite hasn't helped me write anything, but I keep coming back to it, because this kind of machine language stuff is fascinating to see."