Hemingwrite Traveler, the focus-writing e-ink device, gets a translucent "Ghost" case

I'm fond of the Hemingwrite Traveler's compact clamshell form, similar to classic mini-laptops such as Sony's Picturebook and Vaio P and the NEC Mobilepro. But my God the prices! And its new translucent model is $600. The gadget has an e-ink display and some nice focus-writing software and if that's not enough for you, it is not enough for you.

Meet "Ghost," the new Special Edition Freewrite Traveler with a striking clear body and transparent keys.

Ultraportable and visually surreal, Ghost is ready to spirit you away to new worlds.

An affectionate callback to the futuristic tech of Y2K and beyond, this unique Traveler design features a clear body that will help you see things in a whole new way as you work through the guts of your story.

The relatively inexpensive Alpha, modeled on the AlphaSmart, is a better deal.