Here's how asteroid mining will transform the world

Asteroid mining sounds fantastically futuristic, but it is almost feasible with existing technology. We have already landed spacecraft on asteroids and taken samples. Now all of that "simply" needs to be done at a much larger scale mining a well-scouted space rock. The payoff for humanity will be astronomical.

Via Kurzgesagt:

Getting rare materials from the ground into your phone is ugly. The mining industry is responsible for air and water pollution and the destruction of entire landscapes. But what if we could replace the mining industry on Earth with a clean process that can't harm anyone? Well, we can. All we need to do is look up.

One interesting issue that the video does not address is what might happen when asteroid miners successfully return to earth with massive quantities of gold, platinum, diamonds, or other materials currently valued because of their rarity. The markets for these materials will be thrown into complete chaos. Currencies, treasuries, and even entire economies tied to these materials will likely drop significantly in value.

Image: YouTube / Kurzgesagt