UK cop filmed choking suspect: "chill out or I'll choke you out."

In this footage, posted anonymously to social media, a cop in Yorkshire is seen choking a suspect and threatening to kill him: "chill out or I'll choke you out."

West Yorkshire Police said the officer had been suspended and the incident had been referred to the force watchdog.

Assistant Chief Constable Osman Khan said: "We immediately reviewed the footage and looked into it as a matter of urgency to establish the full circumstances.

"We have reviewed the actions of the officers involved and a referral has been made to the force's professional standards directorate."

People in Britain are realizing that police there behave similarly to American ones. The problem is moderated by the fact that police in the UK generally don't carry guns and killings are rare, but that very fact (and the public myth of "policing by consent" in general) helps them get away with all the beatings, chokings and racial profiling.