Keep restaurants in business, support farmers, and feed those economically hit by Covid? Yes, it's possible!

Brattleboro, Vermont has initiated an innovative project leveraging CARES Act funding to keep local restaurants in business, while at the same time supporting local farmers and feeding members of the community hit with the economic impact of the Covid health crisis. The project is called Everyone Eats!, and it's a program that integrates the diversity of Brattleboro's food scene with the economic realities that the health crisis has thrown to many area food businesses, farmers, and residents. 

Everyone Eats! is a food assistance program that leverages federal relief funds to support local restaurants, small farms, and families by providing free meals to anyone negatively impacted by Covid due to a job loss, underemployment, homelessness, and other well-being challenges. NBC News reported on the program, which is serving as a template for other communities wrestling with impending restaurant closures.

Image: NBC