Trump tries the COVID defense

1.148 million people have died of COVID-19 in the United States. Donald Trump didn't give a rat's ass about COVID-19. The Orange Menace could have done something that would have drastically lowered that number and saved our loved ones. Instead, as President, Trump hamstrung his advisors, heaped bullshit, like bleach, ivermectin, and the fear of wearing a mask upon us, and then turned National emergency news conferences into self-aggrandizing hope-destroying circuses.

It is awful god damn upsetting to see the out-on-bail Republican front-runner for President's legal team whine that COVID-19 is a great reason to delay his trial. Someone, please hand them a bottle of Clorox.

Yahoo News:

An unmasked Trump watched as his unmasked lawyers asked the trial be delayed due to the risk of infection, but the judge overseeing the high-profile Manhattan trial quickly shot down that request.

He reminded the parties that if anyone was concerned, N95 masks were available. But for all the hubbub over the "risk," there were no takers, Trump included.

The lead defense lawyer, Christopher Kise, raised the COVID-19 issue before any witnesses took the stand on Tuesday, during the fourth week in the fraud trial, at which New York officials are seeking to ban Trump's real-estate empire from the state.

Kise kicked off the COVID kerfuffle, rising from his seat to complain that someone on New York Attorney General Letitia James' team had contracted COVID-19 on Wednesday and that a total of four members of her office had since tested positive for the virus.

At least two key members of the AG's team, including Kevin Wallace, a lead lawyer who had made the state's opening statement, were not present in court Tuesday morning.

We all lost family and friends to COVID. That guy told us it was just a little flu. Trump will absolutely try anything to delay a trial.