Real estate company offers home exorcism service

According to, an online service for people who want to sell their homes without an agent, conducted a survey of 5,000 Americans to gauge their belief in ghosts and haunted houses. They claim that 55% of those surveyed admit to believing in the supernatural and 61% wouldn't buy a house they suspected was haunted. Inspired by their research, partnered with an "exorcist" to offer remote ghostbusting. From

The free service will be facilitated initially by a remote video call between the homeowner and our exorcist, who will be able to diagnose the issue (if there is one) and offer advice on how to deal with any paranormal activity. In the case that a home visit is required, the homeowner and exorcist can discuss costs moving forward.

According to the survey, people report the most ghosts and hauntings in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Alaska, and Colorado.

Kris Lippi, founder of, told KUTV, "Trying to sell a house can be a stressful life event at the best of times, let alone when adding the possibility of a house being haunted into the mix."