Has Trump had a stroke? Drudge wants you to think so

It was reported last year that Trump made an unscheduled trip to a hospital, with no credible information to be found beyond the White House's questionable claim it was for routine tests. Today, however, it emerged that Vice President Pence was placed on standby to assume command of government, suggesting at a minimum that Trump was or might become briefly incapacitated. Today, conservative blogging legend Matt Drudge just put it on blast, insinuating the president had a mini-stroke and is suffering from symptoms consistent with a stroke victim's.

"TRUMP DENIES MINI-STROKE SENT HIM TO HOSPITAL", blared his headline under a collage of photos showing Trump looking ungainly. "VIDEO: DRAGGING RIGHT LEG"

The first sentence linked to coverage of the Pence report, which quoted the president denying he had suffered a mini stroke. But the second link offered the coup de grâce (or should that be coup de sel?), linking to a video where Trump is having trouble moving his foot.

This all drew renewed attention to Trump's recent lack of physical grace, especially to his unsteady walk down a ramp and an abandoned attempt to sip from a glass of water.

Confirmation, however, will only come one way: when Trump suggests on Twitter that rival Joe Biden has had a stroke.