Easily store and transfer files — even between Apple and Android devices

For all of their elegance, style and universe busting utility, Apple products can still be a monumental pain sometimes. Just try transferring files. Or sharing large files with non-Apple users. The process often requires iTunes, a lot of hoop-jumping and a decent percentage of curse words as you try to click and drag a simple file from one place to another.

File transfers from portable devices like phones and tablets should be easy, which was the premise behind the creation of the iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive. When fans got a look at what iKlips was attempting, they backed it with their dollars on Kickstarter, funding the project to the tune of over $115,000.

The iKlips looks like an average flash drive, but it's actually a sophisticated backup and file management system. If your phone is getting full, you can just plug the iKlips C right in via Apple Lightning or USB-C connection and automatically start transferring data and photos right to the drive, even while your smartphone is wirelessly charging.

You can not only backup your photos, videos, contacts, and calendars, you can also back up photos you've posted on social media, and even your Evernote data. 

The MFi-Certified iKlips is actually a real stickler for security as well. It never connects to the web, so your data is never sent through third-party servers; and every file is encrypted with a password or accessible only with Touch ID or Face ID authentication.

And the iKlips plays contentedly within the Apple, Android and PC ecosystems. Via the two-pronged connectors, you can copy a file from an iPhone or iPad, immediately detach, then share that file with a user on an Android phone or a Windows laptop or PC with no hassles or frustrating file conversions.

Right now, you can get an iKlips C with 128GB of storage space at almost $40 off the regular price, just $139.99. Or you can step up to a 256GB size for an even greater savings at only $219.