Ruby on Rails is a coding skill that can get you hired

Few programming languages and web frameworks are also intuitive and user-friendly for beginners as Ruby on Rails. Even 15 years after its rollout, a virtual lifetime (or two) in tech terms, Ruby and its most popular framework Rails are still vital and energetic players in the programming world.

And with over a million websites built on Ruby on Rails, including Airbnb, Shopify, Kickstarter and Hulu, there are plenty of advantages to those site owners to withstand the urge to use newer, flashier languages like Python for their new development rather than sticking with their stable in-place pro in Ruby on Rails. 

So there's plenty of opportunity out there for Ruby pros, which you can be after the training found in The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle.

This package includes five different courses with over 40 hours of training in the less-is-more approach embodied by the Ruby language, as well as the development environment that will accelerate your web-building prowess. 

It all gets started with the 2020 Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp course, offering insight into the command structure of Ruby and the power of Rails that makes including eye-popping elements into your websites and apps simple. Your coursework will also give you the tools to get a working site prototype constructed, tested, and ready to go live on the web.

And another introductory course, Programming and Ruby Basics, challenges students to use their new Ruby on Rails skills to finish three different projects, including a user authentication system as well as a login application.

While even newcomers will be up to speed by the end of those two courses, the Intermediate Ruby on Rails 6 training takes that knowledge to the next level. Here, learners confront more elaborate Ruby build questions, such as authentication with Devise, generator usage, Ajax, external APIs, secure credential management, and more. And since it wouldn't be training without an adequate test, students are then tasked with making their own financial tracker social media app.

Finally, Web App Development Fundamentals with Ruby on Rails 6 offers more tactics for helping Ruby users construct fast prototypes, then get them up and working. Then ActionCable and Real-Time Features with Ruby on Rails explores the ActionCable library, a powerful tool for getting real-time features into your site, like a customer service chatroom.

A $1,000 package of training, this complete Ruby on Rails tutorial is available now for just $35.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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