Election workers said she couldn't wear an anti-Trump shirt. So she voted topless.

The The Boston Globe reports that a woman showed up for the state primary election wearing a "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" t-shirt. Poll workers informed her that this attire was not allowed inside the polling station, as it could be construed as "electioneering." And then:

[Town Moderator Paul] Scafidi told her that a shirt supporting the American flag was fine, but one featuring a political candidate was not, and she would have to remove the shirt, cover it up, or turn it inside out before she proceeded to the voting booth. Scafidi said he assumed she would go to the ladies' room and come back.

"She chose a different way," Scafidi said in a telephone interview with the Globe.

The woman removed her hat and took her shirt off right there in the gym. She wasn't wearing a bra, either.

"It didn't take her more than three seconds," he said. "I didn't know she had nothing on underneath it."

Poll workers and voters were shocked, he said.

"They all went 'Whoa!' " he said. "I was like whatever, just let her go vote."

What a wonderful way to celebrate the centennial of women's suffrage. As New Hampshire's state slogan says: live free or die.

N.H. woman votes topless after she was told she couldn't wear an anti-Trump shirt at the polls [Emily Sweeney / The Boston Globe]

Image: aprilzosia / Flickr (CC 2.0)