Delusional Trump compares himself to Nelson Mandela and tells supporters, "You don't have to vote"

At his New Hampshire rally last night, Donald Trump was even more out of his mind than usual.

He told his MAGA devotees, "So you have to be careful. You've got to get out there, you've got to watch those voters. You don't have to vote. Don't worry about voting. We've got plenty of votes. You've got to watch."

Trump often encourages his followers to go to polling stations and intimidate voters in Democratic neighborhoods. However, by telling his supporters, "You don't have to vote," Trump appears to be suggesting that his success doesn't depend on the ballot box but on another violent insurrection.

At the same rally, Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, who spent 27 years in prison for his efforts to end apartheid. "I don't mind being Nelson Mandela because I'm doing it for a reason," he said, referring to his nearly 100 criminal indictments he's facing for self-serving crimes.

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