Taco Bell is now selling "Jalapeño Noir" wine in select locations

Taco Bell in Canada has announced that it will now be offering a special Taco Bell-brand house wine at some locations, with the wonderfully puntastic name of Jalapeño Noir.

The grapes comes from "a vineyard in Ontario," though it's not clear what kind of grapes they are — whether it's actually a Pinot Noir, or something else entirely. According to CNN, the $19 bottle of wine is ripe with "notes of wild strawberry, cherry and beetroot." Whatever it is, it's apparently designed to pair well with a Toasted Cheesy Chalupa.

The Takeout notes that the bottle in the picture is a 2018 vintage from St. David's Bench, which is based in a wine-producing sub-region of Ontario known for an "early warming in spring, gently sloping bench [a strip of land that runs along the top of a slope], generous precipitation."

There's something kind of nice about Taco Bell Canada supporting local vineyards though.

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