Breonna Taylor's family demands release of evidence

The family of Breonna Taylor on Friday demanded that authorities in Kentucky release all body camera footage, police files, and grand jury transcripts that led to no charges being filed against police officers who killed the Black woman while she was sleeping, during a mistargeted drug raid at her apartment.

From the Associated Press:

As Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, stood close by in a shirt that had "I (heart) Louisville Police" with bullet holes in the heart emoji, Taylor's lawyers said they have seen the evidence, and there is much state Attorney General Daniel Cameron got wrong. They did not give specifics.

Taylor's aunt read a statement on behalf of Palmer, saying the entire justice system failed her and Cameron was just the final person in the chain that included the officer who sought the no-knock warrant, the judge who signed it, and the police who burst into her Louisville apartment. The warrant was connected to a suspect who did not live there, and no drugs were found inside.

Taylor was shot multiple times by white officers after her boyfriend fired at them, authorities said. He said he didn't know who was coming in and opened fire in self-defense, wounding one officer. Cameron said the officers were not charged with Taylor's killing because they acted to protect themselves.

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