Judge blocks Trump Tik Tok ban

A U.S. District Judge granted an injunction late Sunday blocking Donald Trump's "ban" on video-sharing app Tik Tok, which would have come into effect at midnight. The Chinese-owned app, a target of Trump's theatrical ire, will remain on offer at Apple and Google's app stores. Reuters reports, however, that the court did not stay the Commerce Department restrictions set to take effect Nov. 12 that could make the app "impossible to use in the United States."

Over the summer, Tik Tok sought a U.S. partner in an effort to mollify Trump, settling on an limited offer from Oracle and rejecting a complete buyout proposed by Microsoft. But this failed to satisfy either the White House, which insisted on U.S. control of the resulting partnership, or the Chinese government, which subsequently cooled on the deal and described Trump's threats as "hooligan logic."