What's in my bag? — Douglas Rushkoff

My friend Douglas Rushkoff opened his bag for the What's in my bag? newsletter.

Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Team HumanPresent ShockThrowing Rocks at the Google Bus, and a bunch of other books on media and society. He's host of the Team Human podcast, and currently adapting some of his novels to TV.

About the bag

I got that backpack for around $10 on sale at the Vans store when I was getting my daughter some sneakers. She picked it out. I figured it would break pretty fast at that price, but it's lasted 5 years and been around the world. It works because it's super light, has lots of easy-to-find compartments, and the zippers haven't failed.

What's inside the bag

Legal pad and Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pen .5mm
I always wanted to be a Moleskine person but I wrote my first book proposal on a legal pad and somehow they bring me luck. 14″ is enough for a good handwritten paragraph, a chapter outline, 45 minutes of interview questions…the perfect scribal unit. My pen of choice changed from the Fischer Space Pen (the pressurized, any-direction ink cartridge was perfect for planes) to the Paper Mate InkJoy, which writes like a real ink pen and not some ballpoint. No pressure required, and very fast drying. Very sensual writing, but cheap — and I lose pens a lot.

Ricola Original Natural Herb Cough Drops
Not only am I a friend and fan of Ramona Pringle, who played the Ricola girl on the TV ad, but I'm dependent on Ricola for speaking gigs. In Covid times, I'm doing upwards of 6 hours of talks and webinars a day, so I just keep a handful in my bag. I now get the huge packs at Costco. No one has improved on the original flavor, shape, herbal blend, or wrapper.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel Vegan Protein Bar
I've been a bar person since PowerBar was the only option. NuGo are a real family business making high-quality vegan snacks. Their dark chocolate pretzel is my emergency meal replacement on trips or whenever I get fatigued or strung out. Salty sweet. And not soy.

Puregear Wireless In-Ear Earbuds with Mic
I walked into a Radio Shack a couple of summers ago when the whole chain was going out of business and picked up these earbuds for around $25. I suppose they're basically the same as Apple ones except they don't charge automatically in their box. But I like having a bit of a wire so they can hang on my neck and not get lost. They're fine for hands-free calling but I don't listen to music in any ears-only ways. Only speakers.