US Library of Congress needs help identifying the people in these photos

Who the hell are these people? The US Library of Congress's Moving Image, Broadcast and Recorded Sound Division shared several dozen photos of mystery people in its collection and is seeking the world's help to identify them. Cary O'Dell at the Library's National Recording Registry writes:

To review: We found each of these photos within a much larger collection of film, TV, music and stage stills.  But while the majority of those photos were ID'ed, some 800 were not. With your help, we've identified all but 38. That's amazing — roughly 95 percent solved — but there's still the last few.

So let's get cracking! Below is a selection of 12 of the last 38. Please take a glance to see if anyone looks familiar. 

See them all at the Library of Congress blog post, "Mystery Photo Contest, Super Difficult Edition," where can also post your leads.