California announces Snoopy license plates

I would have gone with quadruped Snoopy myself, but that's just me.

From The Snoopy Plate:

Snoopy is a proud Californian (from Santa Rosa to be precise) and he embodies the kind of life-long learning that museums make possible. Snoopy is a World War I Flying Ace, a writer, a scout leader, a hockey star, a vulture, and an all-star shortstop. Is there anything he can't do?

This street-legal, DMV- and PEANUTS-approved license plate features Snoopy doing his signature happy dance. Plates for cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles start at just $50 ($103 for personalized plates).

Certainly, these stylish plates proclaim your love for the world's most famous beagle. They also support a great cause by raising critical funds for California's great museums, including history, art, and children's museums, science centers, zoos, aquaria, and botanical gardens.