One brave hero biked 69 miles a day to get from PooPoo Point to PeePee Creek

Twitter user @rubydrummr decide to undertake a perilous journey this summer, travelling 69 miles a day for 36 days in order to reach PeePee Creek in Washington state from PooPoo Point in Ohio.

Mental Floss summed up the historical significance of these two locales well:

Poo Poo Point is a summit on West Tiger Mountain in Washington that got its name from the steam whistle sounds back when it was a logging area. Pee Pee Creek in Ohio was named after an American settler who carved his initials, P.P., in a tree. (The area was later attacked by Native Americans in an attempt to reclaim it from squatters.)

He underwent this trek in order to raise awareness for the Yemen Foundation, and the ongoing conflict there.

He also passed Sharts Road on the way.

It's true what they say: not all heroes wear diapers.