What is "copanganda," and how did these shows emerge?

Entertainment is getting reassessed in terms of copaganda, or how uncritically shows portray policing, as part of 2020's racial reckoning over police brutality and misconduct. YouTuber Skip Intro has a series on the topic. His analysis of Blue Bloods, a show not getting the most scrutiny.:

His most interesting episode so far is about formerly "woke"-seeming sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has become the primary focus of criticism precisely because it is ostensibly inclusive and thoughtful.

There's a movement afoot to push people who got rich on cop shows to pay reparations of sorts:

Similarly to when actors donated their salaries from working with accused predators like Woody Allen, actors and writers on these shows need to consider how their work has contributed to misinformation and pay up. And they should diversify their writer's rooms while they're at it.

Image: YouTube / Skip Intro