Nvidia has a plan to use AI to deepfake your face to look the right way on video calls

Graphics processing company NVIDIA has announced a new product, Maxine, which is supposed to help with video calls. In addition to some general compression that should reduce bandwidth for everyone, this technology will also CGI your face so it looks like you're staring at the person on the screen like a normal human conversation, instead of each of you awkwardly looking at your webcam:

Face alignment enables faces to be automatically adjusted so that people appear to be facing each other during a call, while gaze correction helps simulate eye contact, even if the camera isn't aligned with the user's screen. With video conferencing growing by 10x since the beginning of the year, these features help people stay engaged in the conversation rather than looking at their camera.

Developers can also add features that allow call participants to choose their own animated avatars with realistic animation automatically driven by their voice and emotional tone in real time. An auto frame option allows the video feed to follow the speaker even if they move away from the screen.

Kinda creepy, but also kinda cool. And potentially a huge game changer, considering how much video calls are being increasingly integrated into our lives.

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