Oops! Lawyer in Trump election fraud case caught on Zoom without his pants (video)

Known for his Zoom goofs, attorney Christopher Kachouroff — who represents co-defendant Harrison Floyd in the Donald Trump election fraud case — bumbled around his office in just a white shirt and boxer shorts while appearing in court yesterday on Zoom. (See video below, posted by 5GW Hot Takes.)

During what looks to be the same session, the MAGA lawyer also looked into the camera while using his teeth to tear off a water bottle lid. The only thing missing were the sounds of grunting. (See second video below.)

Mind you, this is the same tech-savvy gentleman who forgot about his hot mic earlier this month, shouting what sounded like "Hate 'em!" while DA Fani Willis' father was speaking in court. The unmuted Kachouroff, still off camera, then called out to someone, causing startled folks in the courtroom to look around. The Trump camp sure knows how to pick their lawyers. (See last video below, posted by ClearingTheFog.)

Via Meidas Touch