These renditions of the London Incidental Orchestra's "Every Zoom Call Ever" are hilariously brilliant

I love the London Incidental Orchestra, composers of "Every Zoom Call Ever"—they make such beautiful music, and have a terrific mission of democratizing classical music and making musical performances accessible to all. They describe what they do on their website:

The London Incidental Orchestra (LIO) is a vibrant ensemble uniting talented musicians from all backgrounds. 

​Our mission is to provide performance opportunities for individuals who, despite pursuing different paths, remain passionate about high quality making music.

The LIO is accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive: We prioritize fostering a sense of community over showcasing individual egos.

Membership to the LIO is free, reflecting our belief that music making should be accessible to all.

Our ensemble comprises graduates from prestigious institutions worldwide, and we're privileged to collaborate with musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, John Wilson Orchestra, Chineke! Orchestra and others.

Our focus is creating relaxed and memorable musical experiences with our audiences.

For example, our popular 'Opera Unwrapped' series offers an immersive look 'behind the score', complemented by a well-stocked bar!

With a relaxed dress code, we always welcome classical music newcomers to join us.

The Orchestra posts excerpts from many of their performances on their YouTube channel, including the Ultimate Beethoven Symphony and the Nutcracker suite.

In addition to these more serious performances, the London Incidental Orchestra also has a great sense of humor. Back at the end of 2020 they composed "Every Zoom Call Ever," which perfectly and humorously captured the experience of endlessly being on Zoom during the beginning of the pandemic. Fans also stepped in to create their own awesome renditions of "Every Zoom Call Ever," which made the piece even better. I just love the funny remakes, like this one from Chester the Geroo, baritone and Match the Wolf, harpsichord. And this one from Shadow Wolf, who adds some "funk and organ." And finally, I can't stop listening to this piano and string cover from Sue Lynn Mah. I hope you enjoy them, too!

To learn more about the London Incidental Orchestra, check out their websiteInstagram, or Facebook.

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