Fantastic photos from a 1970s-80s SoCal custom van club

The great SoCal culture maven Mister Jalopy turned me on to a stunning new Instagram account documenting the history of Channel Island Vans, "a former Golden age 2% SoCal Van club 70's to 80's." And if you're not hip to 2%, don't sweat it; neither was I. From a 1977 article titled "History of '2%"":

The [2%] movement originated from a letter published in the March '76 issue of the National Street Van Association's (NSVA) newsletter. The letter claimed that 98% of the van movement felt that Midwest Vans LTD (MVL), of which I am a member was an undesirable element in vanning. It claimed that 98% did not mind how the NSVA treated their members, or how they ran their truckins, 98% did not care about the NSVA's list of no-no's… no all night partying, no "boogie 'til you puke", no wet T-shirts. Just the NSVA and suburban camping at its finest.