Watch this vicious single-celled predator hunt and devour another single-celled organism

From the wonderful, weird "pond scum" Instagram account of Jam's Germs:

Lacrymaria olor is a beautifully named single-celled organism, its name means "tears of a swan". So poetic, and if my fiancĂ©e agrees I wanna name my daughter, Jane Lacrymaria. Jane after, of course, Jane Goodall and Lacrymaria after this delicate huntress. 😂 I am serious @kristianallama !

Lacrymaria olor beats the hair-like cilia around its 'head" and extends its neck up to 8 times of its body length. If we were able to do that, it would be like flapping your ears rapidly and extending your neck to ground level from the fourth floor. 😂 What a scene!
And can you see how it swallows the whole thing? Ahh I really cannot get enough of them! So fascinating! The prey was already killed when the head touched it because there are also toxin ejecting harpoon-like structures at the tip of the cell. They puncture the prey, and killed it right away. Sometimes, if the prey is bigger, it gets away but loses a chunk of its body. 

(via Daily Grail)