Sage Vaughn's illustrated interview with Sam i about "To Whom It May Concern"

A Boing Boing exclusive: Sage Vaughn interviewed Grammy-nominated DJ, music producer, composer and music/film director Sam i (formerly known as Sam Spiegel)'s about the recording of the track "To Whom It May Concern" feat CeeLo Green, Theophilus London & Alex Ebert), which hails from the same record (Random Shit from the Internet Era) as "Don't Give Up" feat Sia, Busta Rhymes & Vic Mensa, the track featured in this short film Heaven.

A note from Sam i:

"To Whom It May Concern" feat Ceelo Green, Theophilus London, and Alex Ebert is the longest time from conception to completion that it's ever taken me to create a song. I started the track with my partner in my old music project, N.A.S.A. DJ Zegon in 2003! @CeeLoGreen came through in 2006 after I met him in a sneaker shop in Tokyo and spent a year trying to get him to the studio. He came to my studio, and we had a very surreal afternoon. Ceelo got in the booth and freestyled some bits and pieces, which I turned into a chorus. 

I would reimagine the track a few times before @theophiluslondon blessed the song with his verse in 2015. In 2017 @alex_ebert delivered his cosmic Prince vibes, and then CeeLo redid his chorus and added a crazy amount of beautiful backup harmonies, and the song finally came out on my album Random Shit from the Internet Era this year. This is Sage Vaughn's interpretation of what my cat Wu-Tang thought of the creative process.